MAX Beehive Hanger

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Max Beehive Picture Hanger Description

Beehive Hangers are the ultimate replacement for sawtooth hangers, D-rings, and mounting wire as they do not require any measurements to hang them and are quite fast and easy to use! Simply attached two Beehive Hangers to the back of your frame and place the support pins into the wall, and voila, your ready to hang your frame!

The design of this product is what really makes it stand out from all other frame mounting products. It unique honeycomb design allows for flexibility while hanging as you are able to adjust your picture frame to the different holes if you’re not happy with the initial placement of your picture frame. The Beehive Hanger comes in two variations, the Original, and the Max. The Original is used for mounting smaller lighter frames whereas the Max is used for mounting larger and slightly heavier frames.

These Max Beehive Hangers will hold up to approximately 45lbs. Included in every purchase are the screws and support pins needed to attach the Beehive Hangers to your frame and mount as well as to mount your frame to the wall.

Max Beehive Picture Hanger Details

  • Size: 2.7" x 1.6" x 2.2"
  • Openings: 143
  • Holding Weight: 45lbs per set
  • Mounting Hardware: Included in each set are 4 screws and 2 support pins
  • QTY Per Pack: 16, mounts 8 frames total