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Specialty Tape Innovations & New Adhesive Solutions

Not only is FAST your trusted supplier of specialty tapes and adhesives for framing, signage, award and trophy applications, but we’re always looking for new and improved adhesive solutions and products to meet your needs. Read up on the latest industry news, find out about what’s happening with your favorite specialty tape supplier, and learn all about new adhesive products and specialty tape innovations that are about to change the way you frame or mount artwork, hem banners, engrave and router trophies, transfer graphics, bond metal and more right here.

FAST New Products:

tesa® ACXplus

What is tesa® ACXplus?

Constructive bonding is a key element in every industry and can be very challenging. For many applications, high-tech materials are used that have special structures and properties that need to be maintained. Often dissimilar materials need to be bonded - for example aluminium on steel, steel on glass, deco glass on fibre composites, etc. Traditional mechanical fasteners like rivets, welds, screws, or liquid glue may not be suitable or can even damage these materials.

That is where these high performance bonding tapes come into play: tesa®ACXplus - an acrylic foam tape with very special bonding capabilities.

tesa® ACXplus bonding solutions can outperform conventional fastening methods by optimizing our customers’ production processes and the quality and aesthetics of their products.

FAST carries two options of the tesa ACXplus. The 7065 High Adhesion for tough to bond materials and the 7054 High Transparency for glass and acrylic applications.

FAST's New packaging:

Keep an eye on your favorite FAST products, we’ve started introducing improved packaging, including branded boxes and bags for our most popular products. These products are the same FAST adhesive tapes as before but with a great new look. In the near future we plan on adding more, including branded tape cores. If you have any questions about our new packaging, contact us at