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At FAST We Offer A Variety of Programs to Better Service Our Customers! Check Out All Our Exciting Programs Below!

FAST Referral Program

This program is aimed at rewarding our customers for referring new customers to FAST!
How It Works: When a customer refers a new customer to FAST, and that new customer makes a purcahse at FAST, both the new customer and the customer who referred them earns a credit towards their next purchase at FAST! Customers have the potential to earn up to a combined $900 in credits. The amount of credit earned is dependent on the amount of the new customers first purchase at FAST. For example, if you refer a new customer to FAST and they make a $30 purchase, you both will earn $20.00 towards your next orders at FAST. The more they spend on their first order the more money you both will earn towards future purchases. PLUS, customers can earn an additional credit when the customer they reffered makes a second purchase at FAST. To ensure you receive credit, make sure the customer you refer mentiones you or your business's name at time of chekcout! For more details on the FAST referral program check out this graphic here, or contact your local sales representative by phone at 1-800-745-3278 or by email at