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Cool uses for Lint Rollers

Of course we promote our lint rollers for cleaning your artwork pieces before framing, but here are some other everyday uses to get more bang for your buck:

  • Cleaning up sparkles or glitter
  • Cleaning up broken glass or light bulbs
  • Spot clean your furniture
  • Cleaning up hair
  • Wipe up unwanted crumbs out of kitchen drawers
  • Great to use on curtains or drapes
  • Use to clean up the dust on your fan blades
  • Wipe up unwanted bugs on your window sills
  • Clean up your crafting material after a scrapbook session
  • Uses for Fillet Tape

    Fillets are decorative elements used in picture framing. They create a visual space for additional detail on a plain frame. Use this tape to assemble wooden fillets to the beveled edges of mat windows. This is a thin double-sided tape that attaches the fillet to the mat and acts as a barrier to stop acid in the wooden fillet from penetrating into the mat. This high tack tape makes a permanent bond. It does not yellow or dry out. This product also works well to secure ribbon to clips for hair bows and to replace hot glue for lining hair clips.

    The Best Way to Store Tape

    1. Be sure to store your tape away from light sources, including windows. Over the course of time, ultraviolet light can pass through the packaging.
    2. Then, you should store the tape in a cool place; the cooler the better.
    3. Keep the product dry. The slightest bit of moisture in the environment can foster a chemical reaction. It might be of benefit to store the tape away until a day or two before it is needed for use. Giving the tape time to restore back to room temperature is helpful.
    4. Utilize the “first in, first out” method as often used with retailers. This will ensure that you are using the oldest tape first.
    5. Consult your supplier on safe stacking heights. To avoid crushing boxes and damaging the product; proper stacking methods and dry storage spaces are preventative measurements that will help you to stockpile and get the best use of your tape.

    Why Gaffers Tape vs. Duct Tape

    Did you know that FAST sold Gaffers Tape? Well now you do! Some of you may not be familiar with the uses of Gaffers Tape and you might think that Duct Tape is the answer for almost everything…well we want to share some specific applications where you will find Gaffers Tape to be the best option over Duct Tape.

    Duct Tape is great for many projects that require a permanent hold and it’s often cheaper than Gaffers Tape, however, Gaffers Tape provides a temporary hold; which typically is all that you might need for a variety of applications. Gaffers Tape is strongly preferred by those who work within the hospitality, theatre, audio/visual and other entertainment focused events. This tape doesn’t reflect light and it can be removed without leaving behind that gummy adhesive residue. Other applications for Gaffers Tape include: bookbinding, bus seat repairs, bundling of metals, plastics, or wires; dust-proof sealing of equipment cases and protecting and anchoring electrical wiring and the wiring in the photography and film industry. Gaffers Tape is also perfect to tack running wires onto floors while offering the flexibility to adjust the length of the wires/cords. There are many different grades of Gaffers Tape so you will have to find one with the strength that you prefer.

    Duct Tape is known for its strength and versatility. It’s one of the most reliable household products when you want to make sure that your project or product remains put. Duct Tape is often used on various HVAC projects, refrigeration, military and aerospace packaging; just to name a few. The residue of Duct Tape is caused by its high adhesion properties but if you are not worried about needing to remove the tape, then this might be the best option for your application. For those of you who seek flexibility in your tape products and also desire more of a temporary hold, with durability, water resistance, and positional marking capabilities then Gaffers Tape is it! Try our FM837 Linen Gaffers Tape Today. It comes in Black or White and available in 1 or 2 inches. Don’t forget to upload your finished projects/products onto our website project gallery. We look forward to seeing your work.