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ATG Adhesive Tape for Framing & Mounting Awards

ATG adhesive tapes are a double-sided acrylic adhesive often used for picture and award framing. These tapes create strong bonds with many different materials, including plastic, paper, photos, certificates, metal, wood, foam and even cloth, making them ideal for matting, mounting and sealing dust covers or wherever a thin invisible, double-sided bond is needed.

Browse the ATG adhesive tapes we recommend most for framing and mounting awards and certificates below for detailed product information or to buy online. If you have any questions about our ATG tapes or need any help finding the perfect adhesive for your project, please feel free to contact our sales team.

FM202ATG - Classic ATG

"Classic Double-Sided ATG" Mat and Mount

From $1.85/ROL
FM992 - Ulti-Mat Adhesive Transfer

"Tapestry Mount" Hand Applied Adhesive Transfer Tape

From $2.65/ROL
ULTI-MAT Premium ATG Tape

Premium 2 Mil ATG - Gold Paper Liner - Standard Lengths

From $2.70/ROL