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Framed Painting Using Linen Tape

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Project Type:Framing

Created by: Jeffrey Price

Company: Artists' Market


The pictures to the left showcase a beautiful painting framed neatly using FAST's Black Linen Tape.

"It's always a tough problem when a framer has to finish the back of a frame as well as the front. In this case, our client had bought a painting done on the reverse of a piece of glass. The picture was beautiful, but for me, the even more interesting thing was the back of the piece where you could see more of the artist's technique. It was easy to put a piece of Optimum Museum Acrylic with a spacer behind the reverse of the glass, and the black linen tape allowed me to finish off the back and cover up the small framer's points with ease. The look is both professional and easy, and I couldn't ask for more than that!""
- Jeffrey Price
A CPF since the beginning of time, a Framer since 1974. Owner and manager of one of the the oldest frame shops in Fairfield County, Connecticut, which serves some of the finest zip codes in the land and President of Artists' Market Inc.

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