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3/4 Inch Offset Clips 100 Per Pack

For bulk orders of 1000 pieces (10 packs) or more please call 1-844-745-3278 for special pricing*

Offset clips are an essential piece of framing hardware that allows you to secure your pictures or canvasses into frames in which the artwork is thicker than the backing of the frame. These Z-shaped hardware pieces attach to both the frame and the canvas securing in tightly in place. Offset clips are also an excellent tool to attach linen liners as well as framing artwork in floater frames.

Offset clips are great for canvas mounting because they can be easily applied and removed later if need be. Typically you will only need 4 offsets for each artwork you frame however, if you would like to apply more offset clips to larger artwork you certainly can. To attach your offset clips to your frame, simply screw one side of the offset in to the backing of the frame, and then screw the other side of the offset into the stretcher of your canvas.

Our offset clips are available in the following sizes; 1/8”, "¼”, 3/8”, ½”, ¾”, 1”. The size you select is dependent on how far your canvas sticks out from the backing of your frame. If the distance is greater you will want to go with a larger size offset clip, and if the distance is shorter, you will want select a smaller offset clip. Selecting a specific size is also based on your own artistic preference; you can select different sizes based off of how you would like your piece to look within the frame. You could have the canvas sit flush with the frame or you could make a shadow box look, the options are endless and completely up to you!

More Details

  • Applications: Mounting stretched canvasses and pictures to frames, mounting artwork in floater frames, attaching linen liners -Size: ¾”
  • Material: Zinc Plated Steel
  • QTY Sold Per Pack: 100
  • Screws Included: 200 per pack