tesa® ACXplus 7065 High Adhesion Foam Mounting Tape

tesa® ACXplus 7065 Tape Highlights

  • Double-sided acrylic foam tape
  • Viscoelastic core
  • VHB (high bonding power)
  • Temperature, weather, UV & humidity resistant
  • Bonds hard-to-bond-materials
  • Very good resistance against plasticizer migration
  • Suitable for outdoor applications
  • High immediate tack and peel adhesion

tesa® ACXplus 7065 Tape Description

tesa® ACXplus 7065 is a double-sided VHB black acrylic foam tape. It consists of a high-performance acrylic system and is primarily characterized by its bonding power, stress dissipation, temperature resistance and weather resistance.

Due to its unique formulation, this double-sided acrylic foam mounting tape it combines a very high adhesion level with excellent resistance against plasticizer migration. It is especially designed for the bonding of “hard-to-bond-materials” such as powder coatings or plastic materials. tesa® ACXplus 7065 It offers a convenient solution for the bonding of such materials to metals, due to high process safety.

The visco-elastic foam core compensates different thermal elongation of bonded parts. The VHB foam mounting tape provides a very high immediate tack and peel adhesion.

We offer this VHB double-sided foam mounting tape in three widths, ranging from .5 to 1 inch, on a 27-foot roll. Other sizes may be available. The tesa® ACXplus product family is suitable for a wide range of constructive bonding applications. If you have any questions about what adhesive to use for your specific application, please don’t hesitate to contact a FAST sales representative online or call 1-844-pik-fast. Please note that non-stock sizes and products may take up to 30 days or more to ship.