FM557 - Rabbet Guard Tape

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Rabbet Guard Tape Highlights

  • pH neutral
  • Prevents dust and moisture from entering frame
  • Can be used on finished or unfinished mouldings
  • Adheres to plastic, wood, metal and varnish

Rabbet Guard Tape Product Description

Rabbet guard, also sometimes called framing rebate, is used in the framing industry to seal the glass in frames to prevent dust, moisture, and other debris from entering the framing and damaging the artwork. This easy to use 2-mil opaque mylar tape replaces shellac and solvent based sealers and can be used confidently on finished or unfinished mouldings.

Rabbet Guard offers a neutral PH adhesive and is great for many artistic creations, adhering mats, and framing. It adheres to a variety of substrates including plastic, wood, metal, and varnish. Be sure to clean surfaces thoroughly before applying Rabbet Guard tape. You’ll want to apply the tape 1/8” beyond the corners of the rabbet (the lip on the inside of the cut-out portion of the frame that holds the glass in place) and miter the tape for a perfect corner seal. Then burnish to adhere firmly.

We offer this mylar Rabbet Guard tape in a 0.75-inch width on a 72-yard roll. The tape is gray and single-sided. Other sizes may be available. Contact a FAST sales representative online or call 1-844-pik-fast. Please note that non-stock sizes and products may take up to 30 days or more to ship.